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Pre-leased property in Gurgaon

Money Makes Money, and If you have extra money and are a savvy investor, who wants to diversify his real estate portfolio, then investing in pre-leased or pre-reented property in Gurgaon can be a good bet. We are having very good options available as rented commercial, industrial properties for the investors who are looking for regular income and safe INVESTMENT. The properties we are having are in very good locations of Gurgaon and consist of MNCs, banks, retails outlets and other Indian companies.

Why Pre-Leased/ Pre Rented Property is good Investment Option?
Pre-leased investment is on rise now days as it gives ROI from day one. Investing in offices - one of the two components of commercial real estate, the other being retail - is a good way to earn high rental income and gain from capital appreciation.

What is the % of ROI on Pre-leased Properties?
Different types of Pre-leased commercial properties can give you ROI based on demand and investment i.e Office space can give ROI 8% to 12%, Bank-ATM’s ROI 6% to 8%, Retail space’s ROI 4% to 6% and Commercial/Industrial Building’s ROI 9% to 15%. Investing in commercial pre-leased properties is good rather than residential as residential properties give 3- 5% as rental yield.

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